Springfield First Overall Landscape Plan

Springfield First is looking to better utilize our property by adding features for our own use, and for the community. We are seeking suggestions on specific features that could be incorporated into a long term overall plan for the property. To assist you, below are two overhead views of the property with a few concepts included; one of the entire property, and one of the space just outside the building on the north and west sides. Please provide your suggestions below.

Some suggestions already provided are: a prayer garden, walking path with sitting areas, firepit area, benches throughout the property, activity area for students, playground for grade schoolers, covered entrance to the CLC, a patio outside the CLC, bike station, sports area(pickleball, badminton, volleyball, bags, etc.). amphitheater, and columbarium.

Please know that we are in the conceptual phase of planning and that while every idea will be considered, some ideas may not be feasible.

Walking Path Around Entire Campus

Prayer Garden with Walking Path

We want to hear from you!