At Springfield First Preschool, students will have at least 1 hour of uninterrupted time to engage in open-ended play invitations in different interest areas. Children get to select and direct their play. The teacher and assistants are facilitators in discussions and a support in their play and interactions with their peers.

Children also get to look forward to:

  • Gathering Times: The class will gather twice to hear stories, engage in music and movement, hear from special guests, and more.
  • Small Group Activities: Students may have a small group activity time to learn a new game or engage in a cooking activity, science experiment, collaborative art project, and more.
  • In-School Events: Holiday parties, Birthdays, Feast with Friends, and more.
  • Field Trips: Pumpkin patch, Lincoln Memorial Gardens, museums, end of the year field trip, and more.
  • Special Events: Night Out with Someone Special and Spring Festival
  • Special Guests: Family members and friends come in and share about their jobs. Many special guests join us, like community helpers, scientists, engineers, pilots, service men and women and more!

Springfield First Preschool is a place where children can learn through play about their world. It is a place where children develop at their own pace in a safe and free way.

School Year Information

Monday-Thursday, 9:00-11:30am

Ages: 3-5 (Can join the program on their 3rd birthday!)

Learning environments: Indoor and Outdoor classrooms, Garden, Playground, and Gym

Curriculum: Emergent curriculum, The Creative Curriculum, Conscious Discipline, Early Learning and Developmental Standards of Illinois

$200 per month (2023-2024)
$240 per month (2024-2025)
Part-time options available

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