lenten devotionals

The Lenten Devotional guide is written by the people of Springfield First and includes 46 devotions that offer a Scripture, a short reflection, and a prayer.

Printed versions of the Devotional will be available beginning the weekend of February 25-26.

To sign up to receive an electronic version to be emailed to you daily, click here. If you already receive the REAL Scriptures by email, you will automatically receive this Devotional instead during the season of Lent.

scripture emails

Nothing will change your life like diving into Scripture!  

We feel so strongly about the impact the Bible can have in your life that we want to offer you a super simple way to start reading. Click here to sign up, and we'll email you a passage every morning to start your day off right!

For the month of August, Springfield First will take an in-depth look at the life of Joseph through sermons, classes, and small groups. The daily Scriptures will walk you through parts of this story from the book of Genesis.