early childhood

Exciting things are always happening!  Our curriculum helps foster the beginning of spiritual growth in our Early Childhood classrooms. God created every child uniquely for His glory, carefully forming every detail before birth. God is present right now with them and wants to continue working on His magnificent creations at every stage of their lives!  Children are engaged in a variety 'know,' 'feel,' and 'do' activities and lessons to create an understanding of God, Jesus, and love.  These lessons begin in our nursery and continue as they grow and enter our preschool room.  For more information contact Stacy Kuhlmann.

Room 20~ Six weeks-walking

Room 19~ walking- 2 years

Room 18~ 2 years old

Room 17~ 3-5 years old  

Bible buddies (room 17)

This is a hands-on, bible-based class for preschoolers.   They will engage in a variety of activities including games, bible lessons, crafts, drama, music, and of course snack!  Drop-off 6:15 pm/Pick -up 8:00 pm.   For more information contact stacy kuhlmann.

Class resumes September 13- November 1

Register at the Back to School Bash August 20th

Summer Lessons

On the Farm with God!

Rooms 18-20

Ages birth-2 yeas

Children are learning about how God made the farm, the animals, 

and the food!  Pretending to be the animals, making puppets, singing songs, and painting with food has made this summer a fun way to praise God for all creations!

Summer Preschool Lessons

Jesus teaches us to pray

Jesus teaches us to forgive

Jesus teaches us to show fairness

The armor of God is our best protection!