Serve in Kidlife

We are looking for people who love children and desire for them to learn and grow in Christ!  We need those who can serve during Saturday or Sunday services once or twice each month.

Click here if you would like to volunteer in any of the areas described below:

Classroom Leader – Be the extra adult in the room to help out where needed. You do not have to plan and teach a lesson; just be on hand to help out the kids and small group leaders! This would be a great way for parents to be a part of their kids’ services.

Welcome Stations – Greet families as they arrive and help them check children in through our secure check-in computer system. It is easy to learn and use. Welcome new families, register them into our system, and show them to their children's classrooms.  Time needed is 8:45-9:05 or 10:15-10:35.

Weekday Admin - During the week there are many tasks that need completed to make worship experiences for our children run smoothly.  

Building Crew - Sometimes there are small projects that require the use of tools.  This would be an as-needed group.

Disciple Buddy- Be one-on-one with a child with special needs.