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Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are THE MOST important work.
                                                                     - C.S. Lewis


Check In

There are two entrances to the KidLife area. The first can be found near the sign for the “Community Life Center.” This is our “jeep” check-in area (because the check-in station is an actual Jeep!), and most elementary parents use this check-in station. The other entrance (at the "Nursery" sign) is best for those with little ones, as it is close to the nurseries and toddler classrooms.

Check-in begins 15 minutes before each service. For your child's safety, he or she will receive a name tag with a randomly generated number that matches a security tag that you will be given. You will take this tag with you to church and use it to check your child out of his or her classroom.


We take the safety and security of your child very seriously, and our KidLife wing is a “stranger-free zone,” meaning only volunteers who have had background checks and parents dropping off kids are allowed in the area. It also means you must bring your security tag back with you to pick up your child.


KidLife is a “peanut and tree nut free zone.” While the church itself may at times still serve items inclusive of these ingredients, we will not serve snacks in KidLife with peanuts or tree nuts. If you have a question about the snacks served in KidLife, please contact Nancy Angulo, Director of KidLife Ministry.

Cry Room

For your comfort and convenience, we have a private cry/nursing room located outside the west Sanctuary entrance where you can see and hear services. There are comfortable chairs, a private nursing area, and a restroom available.


KidLife volunteers work together to create a fun environment for preschool and elementary kids to learn who God is and how He wants them to live. It takes over 200 volunteers each year for KidLife programming to be successful. We couldn't do it without the incredible volunteers who offer their gifts to serve our kids. We also have youth volunteers who assist as small group leaders each week. For more information about our volunteer opportunities, contact Nancy Angulo.

For an adult volunteer application, click here.

For a youth (6th grade and up) volunteer application, click here.

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