for nearly 200 years...

Springfield First has had a strong history of giving and generosity, with each generation blessing the next. We have reached out to all ages and throughout many countries to focus on our mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

But we're not finished.

As people, as a church, and in our mission work, God continues to work in and through us.

I urge you to join me in participating in this two-year generosity initiative. With your help, we will be able to grow as children of God and as disciples.

Help us write the next chapter of our story.

Yours in Grace,

Pastor Roger Grimmett

Three stories we'll write together:

  • unfinished... people

    The Bible says we are not finished as people. We still have work to do! With our general fund, we will build and grow people through a deeper level of discipleship, while increasing our ministry focuses and events to touch the lives of children, students, and adults.

  • unfinished... building

    The debt on our church building and property remain unfinished. Help us to pay off our building debt so we can go into the next 200 years able to have a greater impact in transforming this world for God's kingdom!

  • unfinished... mission

    It isn't enough for us to ask God to bless our church family - we need to be a blessing to others. We will intensify our efforts to reach beyond our walls and find ways to spread the word of Jesus and support others through our local and global missions!

"Unfinished..." Video resources

Each week during the initiative, you'll be able to come here

and find the latest video in our 'unfinished...' series!

They range from teasers, introductions, testimonies, and everything in between!

Commitment weekend - Nov. 5th & 6th

"Unfinished..." Study guide

All of our 'unfinished...' classes and small groups will be working through this study guide! 

If you'd like to preview or download the guide, follow this link: 


*print guides will be available @ Connection Point in the Atrium*